A walkthrough of the terminal

How to program (short)

How to program (long)

Basic unix commands cheat sheet

Computer Vision on a chip

Large Area Surveys using SFM

Wind Tunnel Testing

Drone Expo Ireland

Automatic Optimisation in Additive Manufacturing

Innovative Land Surveying Techniques

A city dashboard application

A new, fast, low cost approach to full 3D surveying.

Free and Open Source Software for 3D printing

How Structure From Motion (SFM) works

An Introduction to Open Source Software

Applications of 3D printing

A Brief Introduction to 3D Printing

Applications of Additive Manufacturing

Evolving an Aircraft Using a Parametric Design System

Introduction to computational creativity

Computational Creativity and Evolutionary Design (CASL Seminar)

Optimisation Techniques for Mechanical Engineering

Evolutionary Algorithms and Design

Evolutionary Algorithms and Design (short)

An Examination of Synchronisation in Artificial Gene Regulatory Networks

Building an Ultimaker