I started making time-lapse videos after I got my head around mencoder and ffmpeg, here are some of them:

An ambitious first attempt. A six month time-lapse of the Poinsettia crop.

The Amaryllis is a weird looking flower. Unfortunately leaving the light on constantly meant that it grew far more than normal. Who knew plants had to sleep?

So what does a tortoises day look like?

Sunflower blossoming time-lapse:  Once I realised I could move around high-res images by cropping them, I could start getting a bit more artistic.

Not really a time-lapse but a documented record of my thesis. Every file and folder I created in three years. The nodes are files and the edges are folders


What writing a paper looks like
What writing a paper looks like


and even worse, what writing a thesis looks like. 6 months work in 3 minutes. The horror.

EoinThesis from Jonathan Byrne on Vimeo.